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Acadian/French Canadian, raised by a Catholic mom and an agnostic gay dad in northern New Brunswick, Canada, she is now a recent convert to Islam and an activist for LGBTQ-affirming interpretation of Islam and other faiths. As Queer-spawned and an active ally of the LGBTQ community, she sees her first responsibility - in life, in faith and in humanity - to defend her biological, chosen and future family from sexism, racism, classism, ableism, heterosexism, cissexism and other types of discrimination. You can find Stephanie's musings at

Edition 9 – Crisis of Faith

In this edition…

Open Interpretations #9 – Crisis of Faith

“Crisis of Faith”

 God, Help Us! …..[EDITORIAL] by Stéphanie Roy     p.2

On the Right path … Aymen Ben Cheikh     p.2

In the Middle of the Night … Kristin-Ameera Crowther     p.3

Can the Qu’ran Accommodate Crises of Life … Farouk A. Peru     p.5

Challenges in the Deen … Jenece Gerber p.6