Stephanie Roy

Stéphanie Roy [Editor-in-Chief] Ottawa, Canada

After converting to Islam and working with the progressive Muslim community, I saw the beauty and diversity of the voices of Islam. After starting my own blog (, I noticed that more of us wanted to have our voices heard. We were outraged, angry, and upset about the standard dialogue about Islam whether in western media or from the traditional Muslim community. There needed to be a venue for us to express our views and ideas of Islam without fear of reprisal. This is where Open Interpretations was born.

Farouk A. Peru London, United Kingdom

I am in the field of Islamic Academics, currently writing my PhD in Islam and Postmodernism. My interests include Quranist trends in Islam, theory of Islamofascism and the Author’s reading of the Quran. I am also a Quranist Muslim which means I only accept the Quran as the authoritative source of Islam and reject Traditionalist approaches. However, I am happy to work with any like-minded Muslims who oppose the homogenising conservative, fundamentalist Islam we see today.

I am really honoured to be part of Open Interpretation. OI is the symphony of voices which I feel is missing from mainstream Islam. Our themes are similar but our approaches are not. Yet here we are writing for the same journal. How cool is that!

Jenece Selma Gerber Buffalo, United States of America

Junaid Jahangir Edmonton, Canada

I consider myself a pluralist with an avid interest in Islamic scholarship. I attend a United Church and aim to explore an expansive theology. Mostly I write on human rights issues revolving around Palestine, religious minorities, freedom of expression, queer rights, Islamophobia and whatever else catches my interest.

Abdelilah Bouasria Washington, United States of America

According to him, anything you want to know about him can be found on Google. Visiting professor of Arabic Studies at the University of Monterey, California, he doesn’t adhere to any school of thought. With great sense of humour he says of himself to be a “nudist” of sort in believing that saying “la ilaha illa Allah” makes a Muslim and do not mess with his kundalini! 🙂

Aymen Ben Cheikh Tunis, Tunisia


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